NSU will host Cuban art exhibition


Natchitoches, LA – Northwestern State University of Louisiana, School of Creative and Performing Arts is pleased to present a group exhibition of new works featuring Cuban artists Reynier Llanes, Osvaldo Ferrer Miranda, Mirla Gonzales and Aliosky Garcia Sosa. The Los Cuatro Cubanos will run from Monday, March 19 to Friday, March 23, 2018 in Orville J. Hanchey Gallery, CAPA Annex building.


Llanes has chosen Northwestern State University of Louisiana to host his second exhibition of oil paintings, showing and sharing a spirituality art. “My creativity comes from the energy that surrounds me,” said Reynier Llanes. Llanes taught his process of making a portrait to CAPA students and has given to participants an insightful experience. Metaphorical art, romantic inspiration and technicality create the portrait of a recognized artist.


Black and white shapes and lines are the driving forces for Aliosky Garcia Sosa. “What can be man’s greatest obsession if he is not himself?” It is these words used by the artist that allow him to advance and make the printmakings an art in their own right. Garcia is an artist, printmaker, and curator who seeks to deliver a reality through these works whose the metaphor of our own world but do not leave the audience indifferent.


As for Osvaldo Ferrer Miranda, the use of color is important and a revealer of light and emotional forms. For those painting, color and portrait gives a versatility, skill, precision and overall interesting work. Ferrer capture emotions, expressions and a story through these works successfully.

Los Cuartro Cubanos will run March 19 to March 23.


For additional information please contact Leslie Gruesbeck at gruesbeckl@nsula.edu