City Council ‘thinking about’ recycling, curbside trash pick up options


By Carolyn Roy

The Mayor and City Council will have several factors to consider from now until October when the garbage contract with Waste Connections expires Mayor Lee Posey said he wants the City Council to “be thinking about” several items. The first is whether to keep the contract as it that allows for backyard pickup and return of carts. The second is whether to have haulers roll the waste containers to the curb and leave them there rather than returning them to back yards. He said Natchitoches is the only city in which they are rolled back. The third is whether to discontinue recycling.

The United States exports about one-third of its recycling and one-half of that goes to China. China’s new standards and ban on some recycled goods took effect Jan. 1. Posey said recycling has increased since the City moved collections to inside. “It’s a feel good thing but is it worth it?”

According to the Mayor, Pratt Recycling in Shreveport, that accepts Natchitoches items, is easing out of recycling. In other business, the Council introduced an ordinance that will cause organizers of special events downtown to buy a permit if they sell alcohol. The ordinance is similar to a State law. The permits will be issued by the Natchitoches Tax Commission and cost $100 for low alcohol content $150 for low and high level alcohol content. The permits will be issued for no more than three days and no more than four during 12 months. There are 12 permits issued annually.

Christmas Festival Day is exempt because it is alcohol-free. Also introduced is an ordinance stating the City millage. The public safety tax is for 10 mills; general alimony tax for 7.03 mills for a total of $17.03 mills. The council approved an agreement with the La. Office of Community development to receive a $40,000 grant to rehabilitate and/or replace components of its lime hopper and mixing equipment.

The council authorized KSA Engineers Inc., to apply a seal coat on a runway at Natchitoches Regional Airport for $37,900. Posey said he and Fire Chief John Wynn have spoken to numerous civic clubs encouraging members to renew the public safety tax renewal that will be on the ballot March 24. The 10-mill tax generates an estimated $1.3 million annually and is dedicated to the fire department. Posey said it would severely harm the fire department should it not pass.