Community News 3-22-18


Monday, March 19

The Village of Natchez will elect mayor and aldermen Saturday, March 24.  Seeking re-election for mayor is Rosia Humphrey.  John Groce is her opponent.  Several community members are running for aldermen.  They are incumbent Shelia Johnson, Amos Bradley, Naomi Petite and Monique Sarpy.  Three will be elected.

The voting poll is at the Royal Palace in Natchez. Make sure that you cast your vote on March 24. The Village of Natchez met March 1 at 6 p.m. a Natchez Town Hall.  Alderman Amos Bradley and Chief of Police Gerald Johnson were not present.  Community members present were John Groce, Henderson Howard, Naomi Petite, Bobby Johnson, Monique Sarpy, Viola Porter, Henry Braxton, Nolan Johnson, Pearlie Hamilton, Bukar Nolan Johnson of Nowlin & Associates was listed as guests. Fire Board member Monique Sarpy said the meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month.

Next on the agenda was new business.  Mayor Humphrey discussed the LMA meeting held in Baton Rouge.  She said the meeting was very informative.  Ethics training will be something of importance for the Council members to check into.  Assistant to the Chief, Michael Gillie, stated that all need to keep their doors locked since an inmate man had escaped from Rapides Parish.  He was considered dangerous.  He also stated that the crime rates are up.  They have increased patrolling.

Sewer maintenance worker Bukar Muhammad had several concerns in reference to the new sewer system that was under the direction and instruction of Nowlin & Associates.  The conversation between him and Johnson lasted for over 45 minutes.  The financials were discussed and the bills were paid.  Mayor Humphrey said she appreciated the turnout for the monthly meeting and encouraged everyone to continue.  The Natchitoches Recreation Department fall basketball league ended March 3.

Celtics coach Henry Braxton, Jr., was very proud of his 7-8-year-olds. They lost only three games.