By Keisha Stafford, exclusive to the Times

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At Pineville High School, Pineville

Tuesday (March 27), District 4-2A game

Records: Pineville 11-11 (3-4); Natchitoches Central 11-6 (1-6)


The Pineville Lady Rebels and the Natchitoches Central Lady Chiefs were in an intense pitching duel throughout the whole game. Both pitchers were evenly matched as they threw extremely well, but neither team was strong at the plate. The Lady Chiefs’ defense was slow in the beginning, giving them an early disadvantage. 

There were numerous strikeouts, but there weren’t many home runs between the two teams. The turning point in the game happened when Pineville’s Tyra Robinson swung an incredible hit out the park! They scored on a defensive error in the field on Natchitoches’ part, which increased the momentum in the game and released pressure off Pineville’s pitcher, Alexis Garoutte. 

Towards the end of the game, Natchitoches did their best to rally their team and bring home the win, but they came up short. Natalie Sheffield had the one out, but she didn’t quit. She swallowed her pride and came up to bat, hit the ball, and scored one for the Rebels! She hit one at center field for a double. If given enough time, they could have turned the game around in their favor. 


Pineville coach Mark Mertens: “My pitcher was good, her pitcher was good. Ty hit a home run, then we had a couple more timely hits, and a drop ball by them got us enough runs to squeak by. Overall, it’s a win. Any time you can get a District win, it’s a good game.” 

Pineville’s Tyra Robinson on how she felt when she hit the home run: “When I hit it, I was like, ‘That’s outta here.’ It was like excitement on the inside. 

Robinson on getting a win against a good District opponent: “Any team is a tough team but tonight was a good win for us.”

Natchitoches Central coach Ronnie Abels: “I thought my pitcher threw well. I thought both pitchers threw extremely well. We gave up the one homer, but I believe it was on a sixth inning on an outside pitch that the kid made a good swing on and hit it out the park.  They scored on a defensive error in the field on our part. We gotta keep that from happening. We gotta give credit to Pineville. They did what they had to do. Their pitchers were good, their defense was good, and they scored enough to make it happen.”



The Natchitoches Central varsity softball team has an away non-conference game at Haughton Tuesday, April 10 at 5:30 pm.