F-1 twister rips through Natchitoches and Winn Parishes


This photo is courtesy of Jonna C. Dupree at her home on Hwy 84. Damages were the result of an F-1 tornado that tore through parts of Natchitoches and Winn Parishes. The National Weather Service’s official report states peak winds were at 105 MPH and tore a path 16.10 miles long and up to 1,200 yards wide. The official start time was 3:06 p.m. 4 miles NE of Natchitoches. The twister ended at 3:22 p.m., 3 miles WSW of Calvin in Winn Parish. Damages included large branches down, tops twisted off trees and considerable tree damage in the Kisatchie National Forest. It uprooted and split several hardwood trees along Lakeshore Drive and Mulligan Inn Loop. Several homes in the area along the east bank of Saline Lake received structural damage from trees falling on the homes. The tornado was its strongest in this area and reached its greatest width. It lifted near the vicinity of Coldwater Road just to the southwest of Calvin. The NWS reported 3.20 inches of rain fell in the March 28 rain event.

A tree fell and hit the roof of this home on Washington Street, near the intersection of Williams and Texas Streets.