$2.5 million in permits issued in parish


By Carolyn Roy


A report for the first quarter of this year issued by Parish  Planning and Zoning Director Greg Lemoine shows a total value of permits issued to be $2.5 million. There were 57 permits issued generating $21,428 in fees. Permits were issued for various categories including commercial new and other construction, new residential and additions and additions, detached buildings, electrical, residential and manufactured housing and signs. The report stated that during the first quarter, there were six permits issued for new residential structures with a value of $1.3 million.

They generated $13,155 for the Parish. Obtaining permits and the value for new residential construction were: •Dykes Construction, 301 Jerrard Ave., no value listed •Rhodes Properties, 356 St. Francis Ave., $350,000 •Rhodes Properties, 205 Jerrard Ave., $205,000 •Health B. Nichols, 2598 Hwy. 494, $160,000 •Peyton Cunningham Jr., 1994 Hwy. 119, $450,000 •Charles E. Dranguet, 3916 Hwy. 494, $200,000

Lemoine issued seven permits for a value of $12,000 for residential-other. They were: •Richard M. Haley, 2613 Hwy. 1226, RV site after flood •Michael G. Foster, 270 Dalton Ranch Road, Campti, RV site •Gregory LaBove, 1804 Hwy. 484, Natchez, electrical •Norvel D. Goodwin, 337 Unit Camp Road, Clarence, RV site •Bill Baker, 407 Sandy Point Road, RV site •Veoria Neal, 187 Bucks Grocery Road, after house fire •Liz and Frederick Juffin, 150 Dogwood Court, residential renovation, $12,000

Other residential permits were issued to: •Natchitoches Animal Hospital, sign, 1787 Hwy. 6; •James Rhodes, 152 Riverside Lane, no value, pool • Jim Pledger, 174 Starlight Point, no value, pool

Five permits with a value were issued for residential detached buildings such as garages, patios, sheds, etc. •Barry C. Dalme, 284 Raymond Mason Road, $35,000 •Douglas A. Nichols, 15596, Hwy. 1, $100,000 •Leanie P. Fitzgerald, 160 Campbell Road, $2,800 •Marcus Ward, 118 Willie Honeycutt Road, Provencal, no value •Alex M. Ragan, shop, 181 Kayla Dr., no value Residential-Addition •James R. Stacy, residential addition, 2738 Hwy. 494, $22,500 Village of Ashland Electrical •Austin Martin, no value, Village of Goldonna •Goldonna Baptist Church, no value Village of Natchez, Manufactured Homes •Lee Edgar Dumars, 248 Johnson Loop, $15,000 •Frankie R. McDaniel, 2482 Benjamin St., Natchez, $10,000

There was one new commercial permit issued in the Parish. It was: •Cedar Grove Properties, 907 Hwy 494, $160,000

One commercial-other was issued for a cell phone tower. It was to: •Jim P Vollock/Verizon, 10526 Hwy. 120 for a value of $250,000

Lemoine issued 12 permits for manufactured housing with a total value of $537,000. Permits were issued to: •Gail S. Culpepper, 3503 Old River Road, Natchitoches, $19,599 •Elizabeth A. Howard, 1123 Shady Grove Road, Natchitoches, $880,000 •Cristel Park LLC, 172 Jim Bell Road, Campti, $12,000 •Cristel Park LLC, 172 Jim Bell Road, Campti, $16,200 •Angela M. Randolph, 459 Post Mill Road, Robeline, $73,000 •Lucas A Smith, 161 Lou Ivy Road, Natchitoches, $10,000 •Debbie Neal, 2854 Allen,-Marthaville Road, Robeline, $88,000 •Randall T. Burke, 508 Evergreen Church Road, Goldonna, $3,000, replacement after tornado •Robert G. Hendrix, 132 Central Loop, Robeline, $8,300 •Harrison R. Bayonne, Cloutierville, $104,000 •Llori M.Williams, 146 Posey Road, $43,000 •Rodice and Jennifer Dubois, 581 Posey Road, $80,000