Global Wildlife in Folsom, La., welcomes new female camel. All she needs in a name!


Global Wildlife Center is thrilled to announce the arrival of a new young female Dromedary Camel to our facility! Our new spunky girl arrived on Thursday, March 29 and we are happy to report she is taking to her new surroundings quite well. She has already become friends with our Bactrian camel, Clyde! The only thing missing now is her name!

Our staff is over the moon to welcome our new camel, and they have rounded up their favorite names for YOU to vote on! Three of our top nominations have been placed in a poll, which you can find on our Facebook page!

Visit Global Wildlife Center’s Facebook Page to vote for your favorite name! The poll will be active through Tuesday, April 10. Make sure to keep an eye out for when we announce the final results on Hump Day, Wednesday, April 11!

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