Social media post of young man’s good deed goes viral; But wait till you hear ‘the rest of the story’

This photo and Destiny Tyler's social media post went viral

By Juanice Gray,

Destiny Tyler was not having the best of days.

Then this happened: “I was struggling getting my buggy around with five packs of waters and a lot of groceries. I checked out and had a short phone conversation with my landlord all while trying to push this heavy buggy. Everyone knows I’m short and small, so not much strength is in one arm. As I made it through the doors, a little boy, 15, approached me and explained that his mom was shopping and he seen me struggling so he asked if he could help. I explained that I didn’t have any money to give him for his efforts and his reply was, “No ma’am. I was raised to help a woman if I see her struggling. I seen you needed help and I want to help you. Don’t worry about money, that’s not what it’s about.” I continued talking to him while he helped load my groceries and my million things of waters in my car. He just told me that it’s the right thing to do. My heart is smiling SO very big.”

That post to social media spread like wildfire.

Sometimes, good deeds actually outshine all the negativity we encounter in today’s world. Tyler learned the young man’s name was JaCorey Housely – and he has his own story to tell. Tyler and Housley, along with his mother, DeRhonda Housley of Pleasant Hill, met me at the site of the good deed March 4 for us to get, in the words of the legendary Paul Harvey, “The rest of the story.”

Two years ago, March 29, 2015, Housley, who suffered from headaches, had a CT scan that changed his life. The scan revealed a tumor the size of a coke can on his brain. Over the next two years, he underwent 12 surgeries to remove the tumor, a section at a time. The good news – it is benign.

So, does this life changing medical condition dampen his spirit – or his faith? Quite the opposite. “My grandma said I got a blessing,” JaCorey said. He said every time he goes to a store he tries to help others by pushing a buggy, helping load the groceries or any other need he sees.

His mother says she worries, but knows God has his hand on her son. “It’s a crazy world. I worry about kidnapping and other things. He’s small for his age, (due to the medical condition) and he looks about 9 or 10 years old instead of 15. I worry someone will take advantage of him.”

Housley said she initially was upset because he let a random stranger take his photo, but then she saw how much positivity it was spreading and decided to just caution him and rejoice in it. “Some people say don’t help them or don’t touch their buggy, so I back away,”

JaCorey said. “They think I want something from them. I just want to help if I can.” Tyler said when he approached her, she had the natural reservations, but was really in need. “It’s always good to help, but in the world today, you just never know what their motive is,” she said. “Honestly, you hardly ever see people who just want to help others.”

His good deeds have not gone unnoticed.

The post went viral.

The comments, from Natchitoches, Coushatta and surrounding communities were all positive with people who know JaCorey singing his praises.

Tyler said he caught her totally off guard, in a good way. Smiling, JaCorey said he could just see Tyler was having a bad day. “Were you?” he asks during the interview. “Oh yes!” she smiled as she hugged him. “And you made my day so much better. I’m so glad I have the chance to thank you again and tell your mom what a fine young man she is raising.”

JaCorey says his attitude is from his belief in God, his grandmother’s and mother’s support and guidance and the support from all his family.

“The best thing about you,” Tyler said. “You blessed me. For everyone else who meets you, know it’s the little things that bless you the most.”

This photo and post by Destiny Tyler went viral