Panthers end Lady Chiefs playoff dreams


By Marco Clark, exclusive to the Times

The Lady Chiefs lost a tough game to the Lady Panthers of Northshore Friday night ending their playoff dreams. The Lady Panthers put up two runs in the top of the first which went unanswered. Shaylynn Hargis, Linsey Hargis and Kristen McQuillin where unable to get any offense going for the Lady Chiefs. Madison Holmes went down swinging followed by Summer Settle who flies out to left field. Ashtyn Brown goes down swinging for three up three down. The Panthers first batter is walked.

The next batter hits a sacrifice to Hargis who gets the out on first while the runner advances. The next batter grounds out to shortstop Linsey Hargis and the runner advances to scoring position at third. The Panthers scored their third run while advancing the batter to first base after Holmes was called for an illegal pitch. Ashlynn Blake snags a pop fly for three to close out the inning.

McQuillin singled in the fourth but was left stranded on base. The Lady Chiefs continued to play well on defense behind Madison Holmes’ pitching, but were unable to get anything going on offense for a 3-0 loss at Regionals.