Lakeview baseball players chosen for All-District teams


By Keisha Swafford, exclusive to the Times

Lakeview baseball team had eight players

selected to the All-District Teams. Three players

were chosen for first team and five for second

team All-District. Two players, Joe Gallien

and Daniel Holland, were named Honorable


Coach Daniel Gannon is highly dedicated to

his team because for the past three years he

has made a one hour commute from

Shreveport to Lakeview High to teach and

encourage them to be their very best. Gannon

said, “I do it for the kids. Whether it’s 30

degrees or 80 degrees, we are out there practicing

and throwing the ball around. They are

buying what I’m selling. These kids work

extremely hard at everything they do and I just

want them to get the recognition they


Coach’s goal is to make it to the second

round of the playoffs. If they do, they will

make school history because no Lakeview

baseball team has ever made it past the second


The three players chosen for fir team were

Rafael Rosales, Tyler Sullivan and Kadon

Cook. Lakeview, Many, Red River and

Winnfield were the four schools included in

the All-District teams. The players were voted

on by a group of coaches based on their stats.

Some of the coaches’ decisions were a hands

down no questions asked vote, but some of

them were nearly neck and neck. The coaches

carefully selected the best candidates who they

felt had performed best on the field.

Rosales is a second season sophomore who

proved to be a versatile player for the Lakeview

Gators. He played various positions including

pitcher, shortstop and third baseman. He was

the leading hitter with a batting average of


Tyler Sullivan, a senior, was voted Team

MVP best offense and defense for the past two

years but lost to Rosales towards the end of the

season, fighting for the top spot. He has been a

chameleon for the Lakeview Gators as he

pitched, played third baseman and center field.

Graduating this year, losing Sullivan is going

to be a big loss for Lakeview.

Thankfully, Lakeview still has Kadon Cook,

a sophomore, who has been playing as a regular

starter for Gannon since eighth grade. He

was an amazing pitcher for Lakeview and was

able to help carry the Gators to the playoffs

this season. Unfortunately, they lost in the first

round. But Cook still believes that the team has

what it takes to make it past the first round.

Layton Friday, another graduating senior,

was Gannon’s pick for the first team, but

unfortunately, he fell short because a Many

player had a better batting average. Friday

made up for it by playing aggressive defense

and being resilient in tough games.

Also, three of the eight on first and second

team were chosen as nominees for Shreveport

Times Sports Award. These three players were

Rosales, Sullivan and Cook who will be selected

as First or Second Team All Area. Results

will be published in the Shreveport Times,

May 28.