Natchez News 5-17-18


Monday, May 14 Tempers flared and parents are in an uproar about their kids being redirected to Cloutierville Elementary and Jr. High school from Provencal school.  It is not fair to redirect our children in the Natchez community. Approximately 83 kids, according to Supt. Dale Skinner, have been bused to Provencal Elementary and Jr. High for over 20 years to yet another school.

Do the parents have any say in the matter?  It is our understanding that Skinner has spoken with some of the parents in the community but some of the ones that I have spoken with have not had a conversation of this magnitude in the last couple of years with anyone. This situation only came up in the school board meeting and was asked to be tabled by board member Ralph Wilson and denied.  There were no comments or concerns involving the parents of the Natchez community.

We would like to commend Ralph Wilson for at least wanting to table this situation to discuss and review before rendering a decision.  The Natchez community is outraged and will be present at the next school board meeting. The Village of Natchez met May 8. It was rescheduled from May 3 when there was not a quorum.  Alderman Amos Bradley was the only member absent.  Visitors from the community were Viola Porter and Naomi Petite.

The fire board meeting was rescheduled for May 22. The discussion of old business consisted of the Mother’s Day outing in the Natchez Pecan Park May 13. New business consisted of notes from the LMA meeting in Baton Rouge.  Mayor Rosia Humphrey said the LGBA grant for the next two years is pending with minor modifications.

There have been no problems with the grant in the past.  Humphrey stated that our state representative was present and informed her that if we needed any assistance, please let him know. Chief of Police Gerald Johnson and Assistant Chief Michael Gillie were present. Humphrey covered sewer business.  There was a motion to open financial business and pay bills for May..