Walk of Fame removed for street renovations



By Juanice Gray


The Walk of Fame on Second Street will be no more.

Construction on water and sewer lines and repaving prompted

their removal. There are no concrete plans on what to do with

the marble tiles that bear the names of John Wayne, Dolly

Parton, Sally Field and others who literally left their mark on

the City of Natchitoches.

A popular tourist attraction, the tiles were cause for concern

over ‘slip and falls.’ Mayor Lee Posey said Thursday, “City Bank

decided not to have them put back because of liability adn safety

of their customers and the people of Natchitoches.”

It will take a sizeable location to put the 24 tiles and they

must be placed in such a way the same issue will not resurface.

Posey said the City has received a few suggestions and even a

photo, but no decision has been made. “We are open to good suggestions,”

he said. “We’ll wait and see what the citizens want

and how important it is to have them placed somewhere.”

For now, the tiles will remain in storage.

This photo, taken Monday, May 14, shows work beginning on St. Denis Street as viewed from Second Street. The Walk of Fame is visible in the bottom left of the photo. By Juanice Gray
This photo shows one of the 24 iconic marble tiles that make up the Hall of Fame outside City Bank. By Hannah Richardson