Call of the Wild – ‘Miserable’


Not long ago I was questioning a friend of mine about whether or not he was going to attend our yearly Sportsmans League fishing rodeo weekend at Grand Isle. He replied that he was not   sure if he was going to attend because a prior injury made it difficult to climb steps and the process of going up and down stairs all weekend at the campsite can become very difficult. He then said things would be easier for him if his wife would attend the event but she didn’t really care to go.

At that point I told him that in a way I can understand why someone would not want to attend a weekend of heat, work, bugs, getting up early, wind, sand, storms etc. In my opinion to really enjoy a weekend at Grand Isle you have to love some degree of misery. Hunting and fishing are definitely my way of life. I attempt to be in the woods or on the water every time I have the opportunity to do so.

These adventures, for the most part, come with some type of discomfort nearly all the time. Every now and then you’ll connect on the perfect trip where everything seems to fall in place and conditions are perfect. I’m here to tell you that I’ve had some miserable days and nights in my life of outdoor activity.

There has been many situations when I’ve decided to go out there while others that enjoy the same passion would decide to stay home. There’s also been a few times that I’ve been on that side of the coin, but not too often. Things have changed quite a bit in the past sixty years that have made life in the outdoors more comfortable.

But even with the most modern equipment available life in the outdoors can be challenging. As I grow older I now accept some of these challenges in a different way. But very seldom do I back out of a trip because of rain, heat, cold, bugs, snakes, wind, waves or any other of the thousands of miserable things that Mother Nature can throw at you. Sometimes the more miserable I am the more I enjoy it.

All in all I love being miserable and being out there is where I want to be. As for my friend in the Sportsmans League he attended the Grand Isle event and enjoyed every bit of misery and comfort that came his way.

His wife stayed home and I assume that she enjoyed her weekend also. I guess it’s whatever floats your boat. For he and I it’s putting up with whatever discomfort that we have to, to enjoy our love for the outdoors and camaraderie with our friends…

Till Next Time,

“I Love Being Miserable”

James “Goosie” Guice