DA announces trial conviction in police chief battery case


District Attorney Billy Joe Harrington announced the trial conviction of Hamilton Bynog of one count of battery on a police officer and two counts of resisting arrest. Bynog, 42, was found guilty June 13 on three of four charges in a bench trial presided by the Honorable Ad Hoc Judge Eugene Bryson Jr. in the 10th Judicial District Court. He was found not guilty on one count of resisting arrest.

The conviction results from a 2017 disturbance at the Natchitoches Parish Courthouse. Trial evidence of the incident included a courthouse surveillance video showing Bynog leaving the courthouse at the conclusion of a civil proceeding and returning several minutes later. Upon re-entering the courthouse, Bynog confronted Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office Bailiff Phillip Wilkerson and Natchitoches City Police Chief Mickey Dove, striking Wilkerson and resisting detainment by both. NPSO Reserve Deputy Larry Atterage also responded and assisted in making the arrest.

“We are thankful for the prompt response of Bailiff Wilkerson, Chief Dove and Deputy Atterage during this incident. They quickly maintained order and safety for the protection of the citizens and employees at the courthouse,” Harrington said.

Judge Bryson Jr. scheduled sentencing for Aug. 3. Assistant District Attorney Loren Lampert prosecuted the case.