Cloutierville fate?


By Carolyn Roy,

Although the Natchitoches Parish School Board voted to close Cloutierville Elementary/Jr. High last week, there will still be a school board member elected from that district and a property tax will continue to be collected this year. Meg Casper, press secretary for the La. Sec. of State’s Office, said that typically, school board members are not tied to a school but to the children they represent.

“They still need representation,” Casper said about the students in District 6 who will attend city schools next year. In 2017, the District 6 property tax generated $200,677. The maintenance tax for District 6 will be collected for this year and go into a specific fund.   After this year it will not be assessed or collected since the tax expires in 2019.

The school board will discuss with the attorneys what to do with the fund balance that remains. No decision has been made about the fate of the Cloutierville building. The motion to close the school had an amendment to consider a virtual learning site for lower elementary grades.

If that materializes, the tax could be used for that purpose. In the past, the school board has donated the structures to the community. Typically, the schools continue to decline without financial support from taxes.