Reader believes in right to choose form of government


Dear Editor:

As many of you are

aware, a petition was recently

circulated to give the people

of Natchitoches parish

the opportunity to choose

between the two forms of

parish government: Home

rule or police jury. It is written

in the Home Rule

Charter that if at least four

of the five council members

so vote, that the proposition

could be put on the

November ballot to let the

people of the parish choose

between the charter system

that we now have.

Three of the council members

agreed to vote to put the

proposition on the ballot to

let the people choose

between the two forms of

parish government since the

people have now seen both

systems at work. Two of the

council members were

against this proposal. Mr.

Rachal and Mr.

deGraffenreid refused to

allow the voters an opportunity

to decide.

I fail to understand why

anybody would be against

letting the people have a

voice in their own government.

I would be the first to

agree that the policy jury

system was far from perfect,

but compared to what we

now have, the police jury

system more adequately

served the needs of the people,

especially those in the

rural area. If someone had

problems with a road in his

police juror’s district, he

could talk to that juror. The

way it is now, the council

members have very little

say-so about work done on

the roads. Some districts

contain over four hundred

miles of roads, while come

contain under twenty.

Many of our parish roads

have gotten to the point

where they are dangerous to

travel. This past school year,

a student at Goldonna was

thrown from his seat and his

arm broken when the school

bus hit a pothole. Would you

believe the pot holes were

filled that very day even

though requests had been

made for several weeks to

fill the pot holes?

I realize that many of you

who live in the city of

Natchitoches are not fully

aware of the condition of

the parish roads. If you

would like to see pictures

and posts about our road

conditions, go to

Natchitoches Parish or Fix


Since we are a nation of

laws and rules by the people

and for the people, I cannot

understand why the people

of the parish are being

denied the right to choose

between the two forms of

parish government now that

we have seen both in action.

Roy Dupree,

Retired principal

Goldonna School