The decision is yours


Juanice Gray

The choice is yours.

The NHDDC got numerous

submissions for the new City

tagline and logo and have narrowed

those to their finalists.

For tagline, they are: “Where

History Meets Progress” and

“Where History Lives.”

“The public will have the

opportunity to provide feedback

on these options,” said

NHDDC member Rebecca

Blankenbaker. “We want

them to have the ability to

comment on both the tagline

and the logo.”

Visuals of the final versions

as well as the logo, along

with the procedures for submitting

feedback, will be

made public within one


Main Street manager Jana

Jenkins announced there will

be fireworks at 9 p.m.

Wednesday, July 4 on the

downtown riverbank.

David Stamey provided a

proposed budget. He said

there was money still in the

bank, earmarked for certain

projects, that would carry

over to next year. “Last year

about this time we learned of

the state cuts,” he said. The

proposed budget is $301k, a

conservative, trimmed down

version that “covers most of

our needs” according to

Stamey. Last year the NHDDC

received $319k. “We are voting

on the proposed budget

with the knowledge that we

will hopefully get the additional

$18,000. If we do, then

we can add other funding possibilities.”

The budget passed with the

addendum that it was not final

until the letter from the State

confirms the amount.

Van Erikson, NHDDC president

and NSU representative,

said construction began on

University Marketplace and

Chick-fil-a in the former

Neebo location on University

Drive. He announced there

will not be a drive-thru option

at Chick-fil-a due to DOTD

regulations. Plans have the

location in operation around

the onset of the fall semester.

Erikson also said development

of the 6 miles of hiking

and biking trails at Well

Woods, near the intersection

of Highways 1 and 6 are

underway. “The track will be

5-feet wide so bicyclists and

pedestrians will have room to

pass. The trails go around natural

formations like streams.”

He said there will also be offshoots

for different routes

rather than a single circular

track. The track will be made

of a natural surface, not concrete

or asphalt, to blend into

the natural surroundings. It

should be completed by late


Erikson announced approximately

900 students will

attend Boys & Girls State program

June 24-30.

The Jefferson Highway

Commission confirmed their

state meeting will be in

Natchitoches in April 2019.

The National Park Service

will introduce interpretive

signage along many of its


CRNHA representative

Cynthia Sutton said they are

looking at a partnership with

Fort Jessup. She said the

Birds of Prey event at Los

Adaes drew approximately 120


Sutton also announced her

retirement effective in


NHF representative Angela

Eversull said the Christmas

Along Cane River book, featuring

the interior and exterior

of homes, was approximately

half complete with

hopes it would be available by


Jenkins provided an update

on the City website upgrade.

“We are having new photos

made around town to update

with and will hold off the final

launch until the new logo and

tagline can be included.”

In the committee meeting,

Sharon Gahagan discussed

the master plan. They spent

$1,100 on the two trees on the

southern end of the riverbank,

Bynog’s fertilized and

aerated the trees. All of the

trees on the riverbank need to

be fertilized and aerated. The

City is responsible for the

mulch, installation, etc.

Gahagan proposed that an

extra $3,000 into the budget for

the trees on the riverbank.

Erikson stated that George

Celles is now working in

Sabine Parish, so he will be

resigning from NHDDC and

representing Senator Gerald

Long. Long wil appoint someone

to take his seat on the


•NHDDC – Natchitoches

Historic District Development


•CRNHA – Cane River

National Heritage Area

•NHF – Natchitoches

Historic Foundation

•DOTD – Department of

Transportation and