Just Talkin’ for June 27, 2018


JT is getting a little forgetful lately and occasionally wakes in the middle of the night wondering if something he put in a story was correct. For instance, in a story about the proposed road districts, JT wondered if he got the directional sides of Red River correct in stating one district was east of the River. Trying to reason it out at 2 in the morning, JT told himself that rivers run south (as opposed to east and west.)

So the district had to be east of the river. (It’s been many years since JT was in geography class.)

He confirmed that with Juanice who recalled this tip that her elementary teacher gave kids to remember which way rivers flow. “They can’t flow north, because if they did, they would flood Santa’s house.” Of course that reminded JT of how he was taught to spell “geography.” George Eat Old Gray Rat At Grandpa’s House Yesterday.

Juanice countered with how to remember colors of the rainbow. ROY G BIV. (Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet)

JT wonders if teachers still give kids those simple but effective memory tips that certainly aren’t found on a cell phone or computer. Now all they have to do is Google it. What a shame.


JT is getting bogged down in his musings over the new tax rate and how it will affect his pocketbook when he make purchases. What will they do when a purchase rings up to half-penny?

JT guesses he will be overpaying or they’ll be losing that half-cent unless JT takes out his trusty shears and cuts his pennies in half.. Now that is a visual….shoppers carrying around cut-in-half pennies to meet the taxing demands of the local and state governments. His pockets suddenly feel a lot heavier with twice as much change, all half-pennies.

The legislature cost taxpayers a fortune for three special sessions to balance the budget and it came down to a battle over one-tenth of a penny. Who said a penny wasn’t worth anything? In Louisiana its worth TOPS, health care and justice.