Dist. 7 Schools: Projects Progressing


By Juanice Gray, jgray@natchitochestimes.com

Lakeview and Fairview each received new HVAC chilling units that were put in place Thursday, June 28 by contractors, The Payne Company. Above is one of the two 90 ton chillers installed at Fairview. Lakeview got two 150 ton chillers. The chillers cool the water that goes through the units into the building.

Board member Eugean Garner said Thursday the improvement projects at schools in Dist. 7, Lakeview, Fairview and Goldonna, were running on, if not ahead of schedule. “Goldonna construction began Monday on floors, roof, tile, parking lot…everything. They hit it all at one time and are really rolling on that project,” Garner said.

The next project at Lakeview is the football field. “They have already taken off the old grass and the sprinkler system should be next.” Sports Turf Specialists will “sprig” the football field instead of sodding it. The first game will be played at NSU in August but the field should be ready for the first home game Sept. 14.

Garner advised the total scope of projects at Lakeview could take up to two years to complete. “There is a lot of construction to do, like the field house, restrooms and more.” Many of those projects have not yet been bid. Next at Fairview are the playground, ballpark and security systems. Some of their construction was on hold until summer school classes were dismissed.

“I have to say, overall things are moving along great and our contractors are doing an excellent job,” Garner said.