Registrar’s Office is hub of continuous activity

Submitted by Registrar of Voters Debbie Waskom
The daily activities of the Natchitoches Parish Registrar of Voters Office may not be as readily visible as activities during election cycles, and especially large elections.  Large local elections and presidential elections bring in substantial numbers of voters during early voting week and on election day.  Although the Registrar’s Office is not open for voting on election day, our office is open to the public and to the commissioners working the polls to provide current information for any voters who need to know where they go to vote, what ward and precinct they are in or any other pertinent information to get them to the proper voting location.
Daily activities in the Registrar’s Office may be slower paced than during elections, however, there is still a lot going on.  Many updates have been made in recent years to assure all residents of the State of Louisiana the easiest and best options for registering to vote or making changes to their current registration.  In addition to in-person and mail-in registration, residents can now register online, at the OMV when they renew their driver’s license, in the high schools during Voter Registration Week, at NSU, and at all public assistance and disability offices. OMV and online applications/updates are received electronically and processed daily.  Other daily activities include voter cancellations from death reports and obituaries, felon reports, potential duplicate voters with another parish,  as well as any applications/updates received in person or by mail.  Updates consist of changes of address, party, name, and phone number.
Statistics for Natchitoches Parish for 2017:
New Registrations: 281
Transfers In From Other Parishes: 111
Re-Activations: 80  (previously registered but cancelled due to transfer or other reason)
Transfer to Other Parishes: 253
Cancellations: 510
Updates: 6803