Local Walmart launches Pickup Tower


Walmart launched the first Pickup Tower in Natchitoches Friday, June 6 at store #170 at 925 Keyser Ave. Pickup Towers are 16-feet tall and function like hightech vending machines, capable of fulfilling a customer’s online order in less than a minute.

The grand opening for the Natchitoches’ Walmart Pickup Tower is Tuesday, July 10. It will offer general merchandise first. Starting July 19, it will offer pickup for grocery items.

• Choose from millions of items available on Walmart.com and select the “Pickup” option at checkout.

• When the item arrives at the local store, an associate loads it into the Pickup Tower and you will receive a notification.

• When you arrive at the store, step up to the Pickup Tower and scan the bar code sent to your smartphone.

• You will receive your order in less than a minute.

“Walmart knows speed and convenience are important to our customers, and we’re always looking for new ways to bring that to them. Our Pickup Towers are the latest example of how we’re using new technology to save our customers time and money. In fact, more than half a million orders have been retrieved through the towers since they were first introduced,” said Laura Aviles, public relations spokesperson.