ADVANCE program challenges young scholars


NATCHITOCHES – Students enrolled in Northwestern State University’s ADVANCE Program for Young Scholars arrived on Sunday, July 8 for three weeks of challenging academic coursework and engaging recreational activities while not in class.


ADVANCE students enroll in a single course for three weeks of in-depth study. They attend 106 hours of class and cover an entire year’s worth of high school material or a semester of college level material. Course offerings include the humanities, mathematics, natural sciences with laboratory components and computer programming.


While the academic program at ADVANCE is top-notch, the residential program sets ADVANCE apart from other similar summer programs. The residential staff offers a wide variety of social and recreational activities to assist students in forming lasting friendships, strengthen the ADVANCE community and help all students have a great time.


Dr. Sujuan Boutté, executive director of the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA), visited four of the 13 ADVANCE classes Tuesday to observe the hands-on leaning style of the program.  LOSFA and the ADVANCE Program are partners in assisting students from underserved schools experience fast-paced learning while on Northwestern’s campus.


Information about ADVANCE is available by calling (318) 357-4500 visiting

Dr. Sujuan Boutté, executive director of LOFSA, visited a physics class during NSU’s ADVANCE program for young scholars. From left are physics instructor Greg Thompson, ADVANCE Physics Thomas Dally, Boutté and Jacob Major. LOFSA and ADVANCE recently partnered to assist students from underserved schools.