Fire Dept. answers the call 368 times in 8 weeks


By Carolyn Roy The Natchitoches Fire Dept. answered 368 calls during May and June according to the report released by Chief John Wynn. By far, the largest number of calls for the two-month period were 247 for EMS only and 23 for motor vehicle accident/injuries. There were 40 false alarm calls.

Other categories and the number of calls were:

•Building fires: 3

•Other fires: 2

•Mobile property fire: 1

•Passenger vehicle fires: 2

•Natural vegetation fires: 1

•Forest, woods or wild fires: 2

•Brush fires: 3

•Grass fires: 2

•Rescue/EMS: 1

•Assist medical crew: 9

•Other EMS: 3

•Motor vehicle accident/pedestrian: 1

•Motor vehicle accident/ no injury: 4

•Lock in: 1

•Water rescue: 1

•Hazardous condition: 2

•Gas leak: 5

•Electrical wiring problems: 1

•Over-heated motor: 1

•Power line down: 2

•Arcing shortened electrical equipment: 2

•Illegal burning: 1

•Service call: 3

•Water/steam leak: 1

•Smoke odor removal: 3

•False alarms: 40

Wynn said the calls are not the only daily tasks. Personnel also conduct fire education classes including fire station tours, fire inspections for businesses inside and outside the city and daily training plus additional jobs that arise.