Reader: Pipeline will carry oil safely, efficiently


Dear Editor:

The energy industry has long been a cornerstone of our state’s economy. And the reality is that timely investments in oil and gas infrastructure will allow the industry to continue to operate efficiently and safely while also ensuring the longevity of Louisiana’s natural habitats. And that point of view should be common ground upon which Louisiana residents can agree. While projects like the Bayou Bridge Pipeline, which is currently under construction through southern Louisiana, have attracted attention from anti-energy activists, they are not a point of contention for Louisianians.

With benefits ranging from the creation of good paying construction jobs to millions of dollars in tax revenues for municipal services, the continued development of midstream infrastructure clearly creates positive impacts for our state. The advocate’s editorial board recently underscored that fact, opining that “Our views: Pipelines safer for oil transport, July 2) “we see the thousands of workers’ jobs and long-term economic benefits of the pipeline as justifying its existence.”

And Gov. John Bel Edwards related over a year ago, “Ultimately the pipeline is much safer than moving it on trains or on trucks.” Just last moth, Edwards reiterated his support for the project, stating, “But at the end of the day, we have industries along the river that need access to these products and think this is the safest way to get the product to them and we’re going to proceed with the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.” I’m proud to see the widespread support for pipeline development.

And since Bayou Bridge developers have indicated that construction would be complete as soon as October of this year, I’m looking forward to a successful completion of the project.

Will Boler, Consultant, Baton Rouge