Residents appeal Council’s decision to allow auto dealership


By Carolyn Roy,

The City Council will hear an appeal of a recent decision of the City Planninng and Zoning Commission concerning a car dealership on Hwy. 504 at the July 23 meeting. At its July 3 meeting, the City Planning and Zoning Commission approved the subdivision of property on La. Hwy. 504. Kyle Smith and Mark Hebert made application to subdivide acreage owned by Yankee Real Estate LLC at the intersection of University Parkway and LA Hwy. 504. Smith will develop 3.81 acres for construction of an administrative office for Smith Global LLC. Hebert, of Hebert Town & Country, will develop 3.10 acres for a car dealership. The property is currently zoned B-3 Commercial.

The application states the property will be used for a car dealership, manufactured home dealership and office building. Filing letters of appeal were Dianne Poe, William Allen Poe and Jonah Oliver Poe. The Poe property is across the highway from and south of the subdivided property. In her letter, Dianne Poe said there is already heavy traffic at the location and Hwy. 504 is a dangerous road. Poe said the sound system at the commission meeting was inadequate and she could barely hear the commission members talking among themselves or speaking to the audience.

She also expressed concern about inadequate setbacks and buffer zone and construction noise. William Allen Poe alleged that the commission did not provide the opportunity for those attending to voice their concerns completely and sufficiently. He also expressed concerns about traffic and noise on Hwy. 504. Jonah Oliver Poe said he was concerned about plans for a 25-acre tract of the property that will not be used for the car dealership or office building. His second concern was about traffic and said the commission should conduct a traffic study to determine how Hwy. 504 and the surrounding area would be affected by two new businesses.

Poe said he hoped the appeal would provide his family and fellow residents time to have their questions answered.

The appeal will be heard during the City Council meeting July 23. The council meeting begins at 5:30 p.m. in the Natchitoches Arts Center at 716 Third St.