Just Talkin’ July 19, 2018


Are we seeing a little handwriting on the wall for the NSU men’s basketball program?

The Demons, who have been headed by Mike McConathy for the past 18 seasons, have struggled the last three years winning only 13 conference games out of about 41 games and only four games all of last season.

In the classroom they appear to be much better. The team had an accumulative grade point average of 3.0, which earned them an NCAA Academic Excellence Award.  One of only 38 programs recognized nationwide, they were the only Louisiana team and the only Southland Conference team to be recognized.

JT reads where Dave Simmons, the head coach at McNeese the past 12 years and who served at NSU during McConathy’s first seven seasons (1999-2006) has been hired as the “assistant to the head coach.”

The last time we saw a former coach coming back to join an athletic staff here was the hiring of Brad Laird for the football program. After one season, Brad was elevated to head coach.

May be nothing to it…but with a win record below .500 in the last five years…maybe there should be.  It’s certainly not acceptable for football.


JT saw the phrase “Christmas in July” and was reminded…this is the time of year things really get moving on the Christmas Festival. In fact, JT hears this week they will announce the weekend Festival entertainment.

JT’s source wouldn’t give any names, but teased there will be some well-known entertainers on the weekends as well as some newcomers to the festival’s Main Stage.