‘Here’s Killing You Kid’ opening night is July 25


By Hannah Richardson, lifestyleeditor@natchitochestimes.com

Northwestern State University’s upcoming summer dinner murder mystery “Here’s Killing You Kid” will be July 25-28, Aug. 1-4 at A.A. Fredericks Auditorium. The show begins at 6 p.m., but doors open at 5:30 p.m.

Director Robert Richoux holds the main character’s
outfit in “Here’s to Killing You Kid.” The
detective will be played by Sean Grady.

Robert Richoux, director, set designer and technical director of the dinner theatre, said the show is a murder mystery featuring a detective that has a “film noir” feel to it. This is Richoux’s first time directing a dinner theatre at NSU, but he has had a hand in a few shows at LSMSA, including the recent “The Complete Works of Shakespeare, Abridged.”

The detective in “Here’s Killing You Kid” is relatively new to his occupation and a client comes into bar where he spends his time and wants help to find her missing husband, who was supposed to return to her with a well-known artifact in tow.

The cast have been practicing every day, except Saturdays, since July 8, giving them a little over two weeks to prepare for the opening night, July 25. They hit the ground running the first week, with lines memorized and Richoux deciding on their “blocks,” which is their placement on the stage at certain times. Later, they introduced lighting and sound design to piece the show together.

The show will take place on the stage in AA Fredericks on NSU’s campus. The set is designed to resemble a bar and two side tables and chairs.

The main stage is set up to resemble a bar, which is where the majority of scenes take place. The stage is the same as other summer dinner theatres at NSU, but it’s up to Richoux and assisting cast members to repaint the background and bring out props and other furnishings from the backstage storeroom.

Audience members can expect a little music, comedy and well, of course, mystery! In a mystery dinner theatre, the audience is served their meal throughout the performance. There are 16 tables, each seating eight. The meal includes:

Option #1- Chicken Parmesan

Option #2- Cheese Manicotti

All entrees are served with herb orzo and roasted vegetables, marinated minestrone soup, three-bean salad over romaine lettuce and tiramisu mousse cake for dessert.

Tickets are $30 and advance reservations are required. For information or reservations, call (318) 357-4218.

You may also register at: Tickets for “Here’s Killing You Kid”

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