Letter to the Editor

This letter published in the Feb. 17, 2022, print edition. Send your letters to the editor to jgray@natchitochestimes.com

Dear Editor:

Republicans officially selected their 2018 midterm campaign slogan: Better Off Now. I don’t know about you, but compared to a year ago I am better off now. This course change is not by chance. It is because of the Republican driven tax cut legislation. As a small business owner, I felt forgotten far too long. The government once forced me to navigate through an outdated, broken tax code.

All of that changed in December when Republicans passed the largest overhaul of the tax code in over thirty years. Now, it’s time to keep that momentum going. While the recent tax cuts are a great first step, passing another round would be rocket fuel for the economy. In fact, some in Washington are already calling the effort, Tax Cuts 2.0. The economy is definitely better off today than it was a year ago.

Democrats and Republicans alike should want that continued outcome. The economy is non-partisan and when it’s doing well everyone wins.

John R. Bradford, III CEO, PetScreening.com and Park Avenue Properties, LLC

NC House of Representatives, Deputy Majority Whip