Store swapped for island in 1752


By Judge (Ret.) W. Peyton Cunningham Sr.

Editor’s Note: Articles from “NATCHITOCHES, Translations of Old French and Spanish Documents” by Germaine Portre-Bobinski, 1928. The documents, from which these translations were made, are filed at the Natchitoches, Louisiana, Courthouse. These papers are in their original form, lack capitals, correct punctuation, spelling and grammar.

This teaches how to buy an island located on a bend of the Red River. First you have a store, “With Good Merchandise,” worth 60 livres. Then you swap your store for an island. Voila! You now have an island.

June 26, 1752

Before Maitre Besson, notary at Natchitoches, appeared: Louis Alexander Perrier. The same by those present has sold now and forever, for himself and heirs, an island located on a bend of the Red River. This island faces the presbytery and is connected on one side with Minor Islands (formerly belonging to Provots Detierre). On the other side it faces Mr. de St. Denis’ land from which it is separated by a bayou.

The other side of the bayou belongs to Mr. St. Denis. This Island was sold to Etinne Le Roy, inhabitant of the said post of Natchitoches, for the amount of sixty “livres” in goods. This price is the amount of the store, for which the said Pierre admits having been given a contract, by the Sieur Roy, who has given him the store with good merchandise. Deed done in our office at Natchitoches, June 26, 1752.

Louis Perrier said he could not sign and made his ”marque” in front to the undersigned notary

X Louis Perrier “marque ordinaire” Besson