New school offering faith based education


By Damarte Fisher,

Thomas K. Smith III, the pastor of Campti United Pentecostal Church, will open a school named Campti Christian Academy located at 3123 Hwy. 71. This school will be at the church. The parents and the congregation together came up with the idea for opening the school. “Parents were concerned about the safety and well being of their children. They expressed their concern to the pastor and we all came to an agreement,” Danielle Thomisee said. The main reason they wanted to open this school is because most Christian schools allow prayer and offers an accelerated educational program that benefit kids in the future.

The curriculum that they go by does align with public schools and state standards, but they will learn the things needed to prepare them for college. “They will learn the things that will help them for their future. I graduated from a Christian school and I can tell you that students still go to universities and achieve success,” Thomisee said. The school will give standardized test such as GEE just like every public school. The school will open Sept. 4. School will be Monday-Thursday from 8 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

This school is a part of the Accelerated Christian Program, which allows teachers to teach students’ bible scriptures and prayer. It enables churches and parents to give their children the educational and spiritual preparation necessary for today’s world. The school goes from pre-k-12, but right now they are only enrolling pre-k-7. They have certified teachers. To enroll, parents must set up an appointment with the administrator for an interview.

Tuition starts at $215 monthly, but can get a discount price if paid in full in August. For more information call 318-476-2166 or 318-663-7130.