JT for Aug. 2


There will be a balloon release and prayer in honor of infant Levi Cole Ellerbe on the downtown riverbank Saturday, Aug. 4 at 6 p.m.

JT was surprised to see that Ralph Wilson did not qualify to run for school board. In chatting with Ralph last week, he says he had a hard time deciding whether to run again and at the 11th hour, on last day of qualifying, decided not to sign up. Ralph says after 32 years on the board he is looking forward to sitting in the audience next year to get a new perspective. He may not be on the school board but will continue to seek out projects that will let him continue enhancing the quality of life in Natchitoches. JT wouldn’t be surprised to see Ralph running for another office although he won’t disclose which one just yet.

Candidates are dropping like flies. The updated list reflects the withdrawals. Only one race was truly affected, that of the Campti Police Chief, because there were only two running. The other races still have more than one candidate.

JT is excited about the submissions of twin photos and stories. The Times staff was hoping to get 20 or so and just before deadline Wednesday, they had approximately 60 submissions! Be sure to pick up the weekend edition to see all the wonderful photos, some from the early 1900s. This will be an in-print edition only, no online posts. The pdf will be available to paid subscribers.