Twins Day edition – over 70 sets of twins featured – On news stands Wednesday afternoon!


By Times staff

Some of the best things come in pairs and we are so excited by your response to our call for twin photos for a special, in print only, edition just in time for Twins Day, today, Aug. 3

The newsroom staff was thrilled to see your photos, stories and comments and to celebrate your double blessings.  Some amazing things came from this feature….there are five sets of twins featured whom all have the same birthday…there are families who were blessed, then blessed again, and even blessed again by having more than one set of twins in their home…..we have a wonderful story of adopted twins who changed their family’s lives….stories of twins born in the early 1800s and the legacy they left behind…..stories of twins who won’t go anywhere without their boots on…..twins who help, support and care for each other…twins who get into mischief…twins whose monkeyshines began with adding milk to the other’s cereal…and more!

We have identical twins, fraternal twins, young twins, gym twins, senior twins, college twins and mirror twins.

Subscribers can access the pdf at the Natchitoches Times website. It is also available online for the news stand price of $1 for one issue.

Don’t miss some heartwarming, funny and incredible stories as well as cute, mischievous and adorable photos.

Thank you to all 70 plus sets of twins who shared their lives with us! Enjoy your day!