Teachers get acquainted prior to the new school year


Teachers at LP Vaughn gathered Monday, Aug. 6 at the school for a meet and greet. The staff at LP Vaughn consists of former Weaver, Cloutierville and LP Vaughn teachers so Principal Sandy Irchirl organized the meeting to allow them to get to meet coworkers before their classrooms fill with students. Custodial staff and members of central office staff were also present. A light meal was served with drinks and dessert.

At the first and second grade table are, clockwise from left, first grade teacher Angela Owusu-Dukul, second grade, Consuella Sibley, Beneen Morgan and Eboni Roberson; first, Tammye Edwards; second, Kylie Spencer, Samantha Lawrence, Wendi Wright, Lakesha Campbell and Aaliyah Seawood; inclusion/co-teacher, Yalaunda Taylor; and second grade, Anissa Shields.
Photos by Juanice Gray
The custodial staff joined the gathering to meet new staff. Several teachers complimented the crew for their “spic and span” and “spotless” classrooms. From left are head custodian Jeremiah Johnson, Charlotte Reliford and Jerry Shepherd.
First grade teachers and other staff, formerly of Weaver, Cloutierville and LP Vaughn had an opportunity to meet in a casual setting Monday at the newly restructured LP Vaughn. Clockwise from left are first grade teachers Brenda Davis, Carmella McCart and Mary Koleas, Assistant Principal Cori Manuel, teachers Melissa Scott, Daphne Butler, Shelby Leone, Nicole Nassif and Molly McNeely, librarian Rachel Lyddy, first/second grade secretary Cheri Elie and instructional coach Karen Murphy. Lyddy said that after 18 years in the classroom, she is excited at the opportunity to get to know every student at the school as the new librarian.
Teachers and staff shared a meal as they got to know each other at the meet and greet at LP Vaughn. Serving are, from left, Assistant Principal Cori Manuel, custodian Charlotte Reliford and Principal Sandy Irchirl.
At right, staff at LP Vaughn attending the meet and greet are, in random order, Kalime Newton, PE; Heather Burrell, second grade inclusion/co-teacher; Charity Wyatt, first grade inclusion/co-teacher; Patti Breeland, counselor; Kelly Scott, first grade inclusion/co-teacher; Shelia Pierre, paraprofessional; and Roshonda Braxton-Fields, combination class.
At left, central office staff met with teachers and staff of LP Vaughn. From left are Personnel Director Linda Page, Director of Special Education Toni Bennett, Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance Anita Dubois and Superintendent of Instruction, elementary, Mary Nicholson.