City Council meeting all about waste


There will be a public hearing at 4:30 p.m. prior to the City Council meeting at . to discuss the garbage and recycling contract Monday, Aug. 13 at the Natchitoches Arts Center. The council meeting will begin at 5:30 and the discussion about the contract will resume at the conclusion of the council meeting. Mayor Lee Posey at the June 12 City Council meeting said he wanted the City Council to “be thinking about” several items related to the expiration of the garbage contract in October.

The first is whether to keep the contract as it that allows for backyard pickup and return of carts. The second is whether to have haulers roll the waste containers to the curb and leave them there rather than returning them to back yards. He said Natchitoches is the only city in which they are rolled back. The third is whether to discontinue recycling. The United States exports about one-third of its recycling and one-half of that goes to China. China’s new standards and ban on some recycled goods took effect Jan. 1. Posey said recycling has increased since the City moved collections to inside.

“It’s a feel good thing but is it worth it?” According to the Mayor, Pratt Recycling in Shreveport, that accepts Natchitoches items, is easing out of recycling. During the regular meeting, the council will consider awarding bud to seal runway at airport, awarding bid for street rehabilitation program, phase 2 and cooperatives endeavor agreement with Rapides Area Planning Commission to develop masterplan for bicycle-pedestrian facilities and Bikeshare Feasibility Study. The council will introduce buying property on Rapides Drive for $290,000 from Carbecca LLC.

The council will consider resolutions for tax exemption for Alliance Compressor Plant; Division of Administration Disaster Recovery Unit; holiday for employees Aug. 31; and grant from FAA for airport.