Summer dream became a reality


We first met Piper Foshee in the May 26-27 weekend edition when she participated in the Natchitoches Times’ feature “Local children thrilled for summer vacations” by Lifestyle Editor Hannah Richardson.

Piper got to pet a stingray

The page featured local students during the last week of school and their plans for the summer weeks. Foshee stated she was excited for her Disney Cruise and planned to “pet stingrays and swim with dolphins and kiss them. (According to her, the dolphins will also kiss her back!)”

Foshee’s plans became reality.

Piper Foshee, center, gets a smooch from a dolphin as witnessed by her grandmother, Beth Foshee, and sister, Ripplie Perkins. At right, she also got a kiss and a hug from a dolphin as she predicted.

Her grandmother, Beth Foshee, said she did get to hug and kiss the dolphins and they kissed her back. She also petted the stingrays.