Farm to Table: Foodways at Los Adaes


Cane River National Heritage Area, Inc. (CRNHA) will host a tour of the heritage garden at Los Adaes State Historic Site Friday, Sept. 14  featuring a talk on historic foodways as well as samples of period dishes.  From the archival records, it is known that the Spanish at Los Adaes had yearly struggles getting their crops to grow in the thick clay soil found in the region.  As a result, they relied heavily on their beef cattle and trade with their Native and French neighbors to supply them with food.

Even today, agricultural operations in the western part of Natchitoches parish is mostly limited to the raising of cattle.  “We often look at historic structures or sites to provide us with a connection to a vanishing past.  Yet we often overlook what appears on our plates, and forget to ponder how this dish came into existence,” said CRNHA Ranger Michael Mumaugh.

“The Farm to Table presentation will allow visitors to look at heritage crops grown in the region as well as taste their unique flavor in a dish that is still being served today with modern ingredients,” he said. Explore the heritage garden at Los Adaes State Historic Site and learn about the crops that were grown, as well as meals that were eaten at Los Adaes.  During the 30-minute program, samples of some of the dishes served will be offered.  Moreover, a majority of the ingredients came from the heritage garden!  School Groups are welcomed. Call before Sept. 7 with a headcount. This is an outdoor program, so groups are also encouraged to bring blankets to sit on, as seating will be limited. The program will begin at 11 a.m. and is free and open to the public.

For more information, contact CRNHA by phone at 318-356-5555 or by email to Los Adaes SHS is located just off Highway 6 near Robeline at 6354 Hwy 485.