Just Talkin’ for Aug. 23, 2018


Some things are just better left alone. That’s an old and trite expression that JT tries to avoid but this time he just can’t.

JT admits to being an avid television watcher and was surprised one evening to see the promotion for a new series, Magnum, P.I. What? Are they bringing Tom Sellick back? Absolutely not.

The promo says, “An ex-Navy SEAL returns home from Afghanistan and uses his military skills to become a private investigator on Hawaii.” JT. It just won’t seem right if anyone but Tom Selleck drives up and hops out of a red Farrari and banters with Higgins.

Hollywood seems to be running out of original material with the reboot of past series such as Magnum, PI and Murphy Brown.

But now that’s a different story with the remake of “A Star is Born” due out at the theaters in October. One of the women at the Times office who saw a preview at the Parkway Cinema says Bradley Cooper’s eyes will be enough to carry that entire movie!