Despite low levels, Cane River remains open for Labor Day

This view from the Cane River Bridge on South Drive shows an area behind Delacroix Apartments where debris and trash are exposed due to lower water levels. Mayor Lee Posey said the clean up is the responsibility of riparian, or on-the-riverbank landowners. Cane River Patrol officer Betty Fuller said they are asking property owners all along the lake to remove the debris. Photo by Juanice Gray

Cane River patrol officer Betty Fuller advises caution during low water conditions while navigating and/or performing water sport activities on Cane River. Underwater debris is now being exposed and/or just under the water line that could cause damage to boat props or hulls and/or personal injury. Cane River Lake is at 96.4 MSL as of Aug. 27.

At the Aug. 21 public meeting, during the reconvened session, the Cane River Waterway Commission evaluated the lake.  After discussion, the Commission decided to leave the entire lake open, making the north end a no-wake zone from the Natchitoches National Fish Hatchery outflow box north to the dam should the water levels reach 96.0 MSL.

There will be fireworks on the downtown riverbank, on the south side as follows: •Saturday, Sept. 15 at 10 p.m. for the Meat Pie Festival

•Thursday, Sept. 20 at 9:30 p.m. for the Louisiana Realtor Association Banquet

Boats should be behind the yellow safety buoys one hour prior to display(s) and follow enforcement requests. The Cane River Waterway Commission hired Air Data Solutions to perform Bathymetry, Aerial Mapping and Riverbank Video Assessment services for Cane River Lake.   It is expected to take three-four months to complete.  The lake video scan will take place Sept. 10 weather permitting.

The Commission encourages riparian owners to clean up their property in an effort to showcase Cane River.  A free permit is required for all types of construction to the bed and/or banks of the lake. On Oct. 6, there will be a regatta, the St. Denis Head Race, on the north end of the lake.  The lake will be closed from Keyser Bridge to the north dam.

Lake Pool Stage:  98.0 MSL

Low Water Lake Closing:  96.0 MSL (Ordinance 2 of 2011)

High Water Lake Closing:  99.0 MSL (Ordinance 2 of 2011)

If you need a permit and/or have any questions contact Betty Fuller at 318-357-3007 office or 318-617-3235 cell.

Trash along Cane River. Landowners are being asked to clean up the debris all along the river while the water levels are low.