Gov. John Bel Edwards tells students state will invest $27 million in LSMSA

Gov. John Bel Edwards addressed concerns for education and announced funding for new dorms during a visit to LSMSA Tuesday. Photo by Juanice Gray

By Juanice Gray,

“I can’t wait to get the shovels in the ground,” said LSMSA Board President Sharon Gahagan following a statement by Gov. John Bel Edwards Tuesday. Edwards addressed the students and staff to personally deliver the news that $27 million had been procured for a new dormitory for the school.

“I wanted to make you aware of developments in Baton Rouge that certainly would benefit this school. We have secured, and I have committed, the funding necessary to build a new dormitory here,” he said amid a chorus of applause and a shower of confetti.

“This is a residential setting and it is important you have a home here that is conducive to what you are trying to do in terms of your academic studies, and also your social life. It needs to be something a little bit newer, a little bit better than what you have, and I know that because I did tour a number of those suites.”

Edwards also promised the students that funding for higher education, in the form of scholarships and TOPS, would be available. “We have to invest in education,” Edwards said.

A full report will be available in the print edition Thursday, Sept. 20.