Let me entertain you – Let me make you smile – Let me do a few tricks – Some old and then some new tricks – I’m very versatile…

Dave Andersen, senior lecturer of math and computer science at LSMSA, was accompanied by Jonas Truax ('19) of Denham Springs.

By Juanice Gray, jgray@natchitochestimes.com

By now, most over the age of 40 are probably already singing along with Bette Midler’s lyrics to “Let me Entertain You.” Those lyrics were never more true that at a recent impromptu “concert” at LSMSA.

Gov. John Bel Edwards was slated to appear to deliver a message to students regarding the funding for a new dormitory, but as often happens with elected officials, there was a delay. He was on the phone with White House staff, no less, so the governor was forgiven. To fill the void, LSMSA students and staff stepped up to the plate – well, the mic – in grand fashion.

As the entire student body, special guests and media from around the region waited, the students and alum were led by the vocal stylings of Lisa Benner, senior lecturer of voice and chorale, as they belted out the school’s Alma Mater lyrics. Benner was later accompanied on piano by Dr. Charles Jones, senior lecturer of piano as they sang for Gov. Edwards.

Senior lecturer of math and computer science Dave Anderson picked up his guitar and offered a lighthearted song about the school. He was awarded with a rousing round of applause for his efforts. The call to the mic resulted in his follow up song receiving accompaniment by senior Jonas Truax on the trombone.

Christopher Comeaux (’19) of Covington sang acappella.

With a little urging, senior Christopher Comeaux stepped up, donned shades and crooned a song that left his audience in awe.

Anderson was later called back for an encore and engaged the student body, and others by the end of the ditty, with a fun song entitled “There’s a log in a hole in the bottom of the sea.” It involved some very fast stanzas that showed just why the students at LSMSA are gifted – en masse they caught on without missing a beat. Hearing the good news from the governor was just the icing on the cake following a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants show that highlighted the talents of the school’s students.

Next time they should charge admission.