Two NSU students receive Mayci Breaux Scholarship


LAFAYETTE – Kameron Landry of Plaquemine and Catherine Shaw of Shreveport, who are each senior radiologic sciences majors at Northwestern State University, are among eight recipients who received a $1,000 scholarship from the Mayci Breaux Scholarship Fund today.

The scholarship is awarded to a female Louisiana resident enrolled in a radiologic technology program at a Louisiana college or university.

“I am so honored and overjoyed to be receiving such an amazing award in Mayci’s honor,” said Landry. “She seemed so compassionate and dedicated and it’s a privilege to accept this scholarship. It will help me so much in my last year of college.”

The Lafayette General Foundation awards the scholarship to a student with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above at the time of application. The announcement took place on Breaux’s birthday.

“When it comes to academics, I was always told that as long as I tried my best, that was all that mattered,” said Shaw. “As I grew up, I pushed myself harder and harder because I knew I would be entering a competitive field.  I excel academically so I know I will be able to succeed on this career path and accomplish what I have dreamed of doing for the rest of my life.”

Landry said throughout her time in school, she has “always made my academics a priority.”

“I always push myself to strive for my very best through every assignment,” said Landry. “I find it so important for everyone to push themselves so that everyone knows exactly what they’re capable of.”

Breaux graduated from Hanson Memorial High School in Franklin in 2012, South Louisiana Community College and went on to attended Louisiana State University-Eunice, where she was studying to become an ultrasound and radiologic technologist. She lost her life in a shooting in a Lafayette theatre in 2015.

“When I got the call that I was a recipient of the Mayci Breaux Scholarship, I was over the moon,” said Shaw. “After reading Mayci’s story, I knew that it would be such an honor for someone to see her characteristics in me.  Mayci was such a compassionate and good-hearted individual so for the board of the scholarship to see those characteristics in my application really tugged at my heart strings.”

Landry and Shaw plan to graduate from Northwestern State next May.

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Mayci Breaux Scholarship recipients Kameron Landry of Plaquemine, far left, and Catherine Shaw of Shreveport with Dr. Joel Hicks, director of the School of Allied Health at Northwestern State University.