Just Talkin’ – Sept. 27, 2018


Well..the plot thickens. After years of flying under the public’s radar, the Red River Waterway Commission is now in the crosshairs of a good ole political fight. Here’s a quick recap…Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator speaks ill of Governor John Bel Edwards Criminal Justice Reform legislation. Prator’s wife, who already serves on one public board, wants to be on the Red River Waterway Board but the Governor, a Democrat, rejects her and places someone from Rapides Parish on the board. Then along comes Attorney General Jeff Landry, a Republican, who really, really wants to be Governor and never misses a chance to pick a fight with the current office holder, and he sues the Red River Waterway Commission over their selection process. A commissioner’s per diem pay is around $75. If they were to attend two meetings a month they would get $2,700 in a year. So it’s not about the money. What it is about is time, energy and money…that could be used for a greater good, get’s wasted. ——-

JT thinks the city is letting this fireworks thing get a little out of hand. The last few events we’ve had now includes an after dark fireworks display…and they seem to be getting later and later at night….with no notice to the public. Most recently it was after 9 p.m.  when they went off downtown. It got JT to wondering…who’s paying for the fireworks? The city has to have additional costs for closing the bridge to traffic and diverting manpower to the downtown area, or are we, the taxpayers, on the hook for this? Not only that…but who determines who qualifies for a special production over the Cane?  Will fireworks be a part of the wedding packages at Beau Jardin in the future? It seems the more you do them, the less special they become for our city and ultimately detract visitors from coming for the Christmas season. We know there has been discussions about the decimal level of the loud booms created during the Christmas Festival….maybe there should be discussions also about the hours they can be shot downtown and how often. ——-

If you have a new residence in Natchitoches Parish, you’re up the proverbial creek. Natchitoches Parish has a serious problem. With the early – retirement – of the Planning and Zoning director, the parish is left high and dry for a qualified inspector. No inspection equals no electricity hook up. It looks like the alternative is to reach out to third parties to come in and do the inspections which in turn is taking that revenue out of the Parish coffers.