Honorary Captains


Honorary Captains for the Oct. 6 football game between Northwestern State University and Nicholls State University were Captain Ieisha Caldwell of DeRidder and Jason McGhee of Leesville.  Caldwell is a 2007 NSU and Demon Battalion alumna.  She is the Rear Detachment Commander for the 336th Financial Management Support Center, US Army Reserve, Lake Charles.  She has served over 18 years in the Army and has two years of combat service in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.  McGhee is a veteran who served at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad for the State Department Airwing and six years in Army Aviation.  He is the site supervisor over the UH-72 Helicopter Program at Fort Polk and is enrolled in the nursing program at NSU’s Fort Polk/Leesville campus.  From left are Caldwell, NSU President Dr. Chris Maggio, McGhee, Lieutenant Colonel Wendell Bender, NSU ROTC Professor of Military Science, and Jeremy Miller, a Demon Battalion alum who serves as the Communications Officer for the Northwestern Demon Regiment Executive Council.