NPD offers tips to prevent automobile burglary

Auto Burglary is a Crime of Opportunity
       Auto burglaries in our city mainly occur during the night time hours. Anything of value left inside of your vehicle has to potential to be stolen.  However, every citizen within our city can take a few extra precautions to ensure that you’re not the next victim of an auto burglary.
Minimize the Opportunity 
* Remove visible items from your vehicle – Items such as loose change, wallets, purses, or cell phones should never be left out in the open inside of your vehicle’s interior.  (Take the item(s) with you or place the item in your trunk.)
* Lock your Vehicle! – Lock your vehicle and take your keys even on quick errands.  Lock the trunk, hatchback, or tailgate to block access into your vehicle.  Remember to close all windows, including vent or wing windows and sunroofs.
* Vehicle Alarms – Don’t forget to arm your alarm.
* Never attach personal information to your keys – If your keys are stolen, having personal information or vehicle license number or your address on the key ring simply provides the criminal with a potential opportunity to make you a victim.
* Garage Door Opener – Always keep this item out of site or avoid leaving this in your vehicle if possible.
* Parking – When you’re home, park in your garage and remember lock the doors and all garage doors.  If your shopping at night always park in a well-lit area.  Monitor your surrounds as you exit your vehicle and as you reapproach your vehicle.
* Avoid – Announcing your vacation on social media.
* Record serial number – Record the serial numbers and other pertinent information such as brand names and/or make and/or model numbers and especially serial numbers of all electronics.
Call the POLICE:
Report anyone that is seen trying door handles, looking in cars or loitering in a business parking lot or neighborhood.  If the burglary is in progress CALL 911.  The dispatcher will ask you who you are and where you are calling from.  Then they will ask you to describe the suspect (race, sex, height, weight and clothing description).  If the burglary has already occurred, CALL (318) 352-8101.
Do not get inside of the vehicle to see what’s missing because you may be destroying evidence needed to catch the burglar.  Always report suspicious persons or activities to the police immediately.  Remember that you can prevent auto burglaries by removing your valuables from your vehicle and locking them in a safe place.
The Natchitoches Police Department remains committed to providing the citizens of our great city the best police services possible and by minimizing the opportunity you can help us to protect your property.