Letters to the Editor


Letter to the Editor:

On September 29 we held the 5th annual “Clean Out Your Freezer Day” for Hunters for the Hungry. I would like to personally thank all the people that donated meats. I would also like to personally thank Mike Lewis and Les Dunn for assisting me during the drive. Respectfully,

David James, DVM


Dear Editor:

As someone who grew up in Natchitoches but doesn’t live here full time anymore I’m appalled by participation in fantasy sports being left to the Parishes. I’m able to play fantasy sports in the state where I live but not when I come home to Natchitoches.  I think the state should regulate fantasy sports and not the parishes. Natchitoches seems to be more conservative about what it perceives as gambling so I expect them to vote down fantasy sports as they did with real gambling. When you have so many from Natchitoches on the highways going to casinos in other parishes it’s time for Natchitoches to come into the 21st century and at least allow fantasy sports.

Carolyn Britton