Lakeview presents 2018 Homecoming Court


By Marco Clark, exclusive to the Times

Friday night, Lakeview High presented their 2018 homecoming court during halftime of the Gators football game against Holy Savior Menard.

The royal court was compromised of 12 young ladies whom exemplify the best of what is expected of the students at Lakeview High School. These requirements include grade point average, school involvement and behavior, qualities that help build a successful student. This year’s court included freshman maids Zole Britt and Sara Garner. The sophomore maids included Alexia Adams and Zenobia Poydras. The junior maids included Ka’Bri’an Bonier and Salem Johnson. Senior maids were La’Tia Beavers, Taylor Coleman, Madison Hale, Breanna Harrison, ShaQuera Reliford and Ke’Aira Thomas.

Homecoming Sweetheart is Madison Hale and La’Tia Beavers was crowned Homecoming Queen.