Marthaville Cemetery meeting canceled


The Special Election meeting scheduled for Saturday, October 20, of Marthaville Cemetery, Inc. has been canceled.

Rocky Gandy, president of Marthaville Cemetery Inc. (MCI) said notices of the meeting cancellation went out to members. However, since there was a mention of the meeting being held in the Marthaville News by Donna Horn, Gandy felt an urgency to remind Marthaville Cemetery members the meeting was canceled.

He said there were no nominations for this special election, thus eliminating the need to hold an election. “We apologize for any angst and inconvenience this cancellation of the meeting has caused,” he stated in his letter to the membership.

The next opportunity for an election for board positions will be at the annual meeting, the first Saturday in June of 2019.  Anyone desiring to be nominated for consideration for an elected position by our membership should announce their candidacy in writing to the MCI Board committee by letter or email to replace the oldest serving members no later than May 1, 2019.