Parish President Rick Nowlin addresses dismissal of Planning and Zoning Director

Rick Nowlin, Parish President
In September 2018, the Parish Treasurer’s office presented me the results of an internal investigation into deficiencies that were occurring within the Office of Planning & Zoning.   The director, Mr. Greg Lemoine, was informed of the investigation.  The result was as follows:
1. Violations involving the issuance of permits
2. Waiving of fees on certain permits
3. Lack of inspections and inspection reports.
After presenting this information to the director, he admitted to not charging fees on certain permits and that he did not have the authority to waive the fees in question.
As a result of the investigation, and after consultation with the Office of the District Attorney, the director was informed that he could no longer work in Parish government.  At this time, the director chose to retire.
At the Parish Council meeting on October 15, 2018, Mr. Lemoine claimed he was treated unfairly by the Parish.  He again admitted to the violations but stated that they were “technical violations”.  These “technical violations” have serious consequences for the Parish and the public.
1. The violations allowed for non-code construction to take place.
2. The failure to collect fees resulted in the loss of revenue to operate the planning department.
3. The failure to properly record inspections in the Parish system results in incomplete and misleading records.
Mr. Lemoine’s situation is the direct result of his actions.