Marthaville Cemetery, Inc., elects officers, board


Approximately 60 members of Marthaville Cemetery, Inc., attended the meeting Saturday, Oct. 20 to elect officers and a board of directors. Members signed in with their name, the name of a relative buried in the cemetery, and that relationship.

Verity Gentry Bell, an attorney and member of the Louisiana Bar Association, announced she had reviewed the Articles of Incorporation and by-laws and had been requested to moderate the election meeting according to Roberts Rules of Order.

She called the meeting to order and stated the only item on the agenda was the election of officers and board. She opened nominations for President, then continued after each office until the following results were voted on and confirmed.

Elected by a majority vote of those present were, Patty Berry Weeks, President; Carolyn Sue Roe, Secretary/Treasurer; John Rawls, Board Member, term expires June 2021; Donna Dyson Horn, Board Member, term expires June 2020; and Randall “Fuzzy” Hennigan, Board Member, term expires, June 2019

Each new officer and board member confirmed they would abide by the Articles of Incorporation and by-laws and the meeting was adjourned.

The next annual meeting will be June 1, 2019.