Mr., Miss NSU honored at Homecoming


NATCHITOCHES – Antavious Roberson’s college career at Northwestern State didn’t get off to a good start, but his time at NSU couldn’t finish much better. Roberson, a senior elementary education major from Arcadia, has been selected as Mr. Northwestern State University. Mallory McConathy of Stonewall has been named Miss Northwestern State University.

“This honor is something that is still hard to grasp,” said Roberson. “It is an amazing feeling to know that the student body thinks enough of me to choose me as their Mr. Northwestern State University. Nothing makes me more proud than to represent the university that has offered me so many amazing opportunities.”


McConathy was also humbled by the honor.


“I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation to the students who chose Antavious and myself to represent the student body and the University,” said McConathy.  “Becoming Miss NSU was something I never thought would happen when first coming to this campus.  I am beyond honored to join the past recipients that I have looked up to and admired while being a student, and to think that students look at me the same is such an awe-inspiring feeling.”


Roberson is the son of Anthony Roberson and Suzette Cato. Roberson was the 2017 Homecoming Honor Court King. A Dean’s List student, he served as secretary and student affairs commissioner of the Student Government Association. Roberson was a freshman orientation leader. He participated in the Capstone Leadership Program and was a member of the Demon Days Welcome Week Committee and Demon Volunteers in Progress.

“Getting involved on campus completely changed the trajectory of my undergraduate career and possibly my life,” said Roberson. “What led me to get involved on campus was how horrible my college experience had become. Toward the end of my freshman year, I had decided that I was going to transfer   because I was not enjoying my experience. However, the First Year Experience office was hosting a leadership seminar a few weeks before the school year ended, and I decided to go. I met so many amazing students, faculty and staff at this event,”


McConathy is the daughter of Brent and Julie McConathy. She is a senior biology major. McConathy is a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Purple Jackets, Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Beta Beta and Blue Key honor societies, the Demon Days Welcome Committee and was a freshman orientation leader. She was the 2017 Homecoming Honor Court Queen. McConathy is a Dean’s List student.

“By being involved throughout the campus and community, it allows you to grow in so many aspects,” said McConathy. “You gain invaluable life experiences, opening of new doors, and you meet some really great people along the way. I would encourage each student to find at least one organization they can devote themselves to and in turn I believe they will be thankful for the experiences they will have gained.”


McConathy credits Director of Student Services Reatha Cox with encouraging her to get involved on campus.


“Mrs. Cox has been such an influence on my life and has pushed me to become an active student,” said McConathy. “And in doing so, I found that I could make an impact and be an influence in organizations and to the members. My first eye opening experience happened my freshman year when our President’s Leadership Program impact project group started back the Red River Special Olympics in 2016. Once I saw that it only takes a driven individual and a little bit of guidance, anything can happen.”


Roberson agrees that involvement in campus organizations adds a great deal to the college experience.


“I feel that it is important to be involved on campus because allows you to meet different people from diverse backgrounds,” said Roberson. “It also connects you to the faculty and staff at the university, who, in turn, become some of your biggest supporters and work diligently to shape you into a leader.”

Antavoius Roberson of Arcadia and Mallory McConathy of Stonewall were honored as Mr. and Miss Northwestern State University. They were congratulated by Dean of Students Frances Conine, left, and NSU President Dr. Chris Maggio, right.